Natal Charts

A natal chart is the blueprint for one’s personality and behavior at birth.

Progressions and Transits

The planets keep moving after birth.  Progressions and transits speak to the evolution of the individual and periods to effect change in life.

Solar Returns

Each year the Sun returns to the position it was in at the time of your birth.  It highlights activities and possibilities for the year.

Electional Astrology

There is a time and season for everything under the Sun, and astrology can be used to select the best time.

Public Speaking

Sharing the value of astrology with the public is one of our goals.

Teaching Astrology

Two 5-week astrology courses are available covering the basics and advanced topics.


Lesson 01        The Signs

Lesson 02        The Planets

Lesson 03        The Houses

Lesson 04        The Aspects

Lesson 05        Time Calculation


Lesson 06        House Systems

Lesson 07        Planetary Positions

Lesson 08        Synthesis & Delineation

Lesson 09        Progressions, Directions, and Transits

Lesson 10        Applications of Astrology


ASTROPRENEURSHIP is the integration of astrology with business principles for entrepreneurs focusing on strategic growth and development. Consulting and coaching services are available. Consulting is for the business and coaching is for you!