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Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist individuals with self-inquiry by offering astrology as a tool for the purpose of understanding human personality and behavior to generate personal breakthroughs in all areas of human experience.

Vision Statement

SOULAR WISDOM™ is a personal consulting firm promoting a paradigm shift with new ways of being, doing, and having such that desired outcomes are achieved while honoring the individuality of each human being. 


The subject of astrology has existed in civilizations such as Babylonian, ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, and Roman.  It has survived the fall of empires and the suppression of spiritual enlightenment.  According to Joanna Woolfolk, the ancient Egyptians were the first people to foretell a person’s character by the date of birth.  It was considered to be a spiritual science, which involved the relationship between the larger universe outside of oneself and the personal universe within.  To put it another way, it embodied the study and analysis of the planets, which included the Sun and the Moon, and their placement among the Twelve Houses and the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac based on the day, time, and place of one’s birth

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